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ecommerce_onlinesalesBuilding an Online Shop


There are many ways to trade online and the options can leave you baffled and somewhat confused.

Having supplied our clients with e-Commerce solutions for over 7 years we can help you decide on the best and most profitable online shop for your business, whatever you sell.


We can make this process very simple and only require that you choose a bank for your online sales (this is normally a merchant account).


All our shops have a Content Management System (CMS) to allow complete stock control. This enables you to add and edit stock, sales, delivery details, currency, discount codes and vouchers and much more.




Built in Marketing tools show how and when stock has been sold while add-on tools such as Google Base and Google Analytics provide further, powerful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to get your products known on the web.


Online Trading Statistics on the web

  • 62% of UK adults now shop from home
    Royal Mail
  • More than 11 million Brits shop online at least twice a week
  • 98% of UK consumers are highly satisfied with the idea of shopping online
    Royal Mail
  • 4.8 million Internet consumers are luxury shoppers
    Jupiter Research