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Content Management Systems (CMS)


All website content needs to be kept fresh and updated on a regular basis. This can become expensive if you need to involve your web development team every time you want to make a change.

For this reason, all website created by Evisk come as standard with a content management system that allows you to edit all your website content. Our CMS is not a third party product but has instead been developed in-house afording us a high level of manipulation and can therefore be tailored to your specific needs if you require bespoke software development.


The Evisk content management system offers a wealth of features to make editing your website very simple;

  • Full Microsoft Word style text editor
  • Secure Hierarchical User Access
  • Email Editing tools with account administration
  • Webmail for all user email accounts (similar to Hotmail)
  • File Library for storing images, documents, movies etc
  • Menu editor to add, edit and remove website navigation and web pages
  • Comprehensive visitor Statistic reporting tools;

Statistics graphs visually represent a wide range of information about
how people get to your website and where they go when they get there.


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